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Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System is a commercially hit technology that is widely used to improve business, reduce costs and improve productivity. Adopted widely to use in multiple applications, it find its great use and in the transportation industry and has now has become an integral part of it. Vehicle tracking is an effective service that helps business owners to collect and track the movement of vehicles.
Wazeefa1 Technologies is a leader specialized in providing various tracking solutions to their customers. Our solutions helps the fleets owner to know exactly the where the vehicle is at all times. How far is the vehicle from its destination? Is the vehicle on the way or stopped? With the vehicle tracking solution, the fleet manager or the dispatcher can chalk out the plans and take a decision on the current consignment. What more? Getting the real time information of the vehicle movements and the routes helps them improve business and productivity.
Our tracking software collect the information from the GPS enabled device and process it in a way that are very useful to the management of your vehicles. Apart from this, it gives wide range of other information such as the idle time, stoppage time so. To get the most efficient productive use out of the vehicles we help you to customize the solution in a way you want. With the experience to designing various GPS solutions to various enterprises, our professionals are skilled to provide the tracking solution in a way the customers want.

Tracking of assets
To recover the stolen vehicle
Field service management

The Advantages You Get From Our Solution

Most Effective solution

With the use of maximum resources, our solution ensures a better utilization of resources thus leading to greater cut down on fuel expenses and time.

Ease of use

As the solution is compatible it can be easily accessible on mobiles, laptops, tablets working on different Operating Systems. Our service has been designed to cater your business needs.

Healthy Solution

As the solution has been developed on a robust platform, it ensures the efficiency, safety and performance.


Added with the rich features, our tracking solution definitely will take your fleet management in an effective way.

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